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La Picholine

La Picholine


Formed by: 500 ml e 100 ml

Cultivar: Picholine

Hints: Artichoke, almond and freshly cut grass

Location: Monopoli | BA | Puglia | Italy

Collection system: Manual harvest and with mechanical facilitators

Extraction methods: Cold extracted within six hours of harvesting and filtered immediately afterwards

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This is the most famous cultivar diffused in France; especially in Provence, but its hardiness allow it to adapt to different weather conditions and different lands.

The Picholine has been always present in the land of Solimando’s family and it was always the first choice of Costantino. This cultivar has always offered a lot of satisfactions, especially after of the chemicals analyses made by the Assam during the December 2019. They affirmed a very high content of polyphenols, 1458 mg/kg.

The oil obtained from Picholine olives has an intense and fruity taste with notes of grass, artichoke, almonds and light notes of green tomato. The level of bitterness and spices are mediums and balanced. As an extra virgin olive oil of great character, it must be accompanied by dishes of great structure: grilled steaks, vegetables, cooked vegetables, beans and chicory, but we guarantee you a sublime combination even on a simple bruschetta with tomato and oregano or a simple green salad.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg



Apulia, Monopoli (BA).

Harvest time:

Second period of October.

Harvest system:

Manual harvest. The freshly picked olives are immediately and safely placed in well ventilated 20 KG creates.

The extraction method:

Cold-extracted, within 6 hours of harvesting and filtered immediately after wards.


It is published in the catalog ” Rassegna nazionale degli Oli monovarietali” with a score of:
2018/2019: 7.9 and certificate of excellence.
2019/2020: 8.1 and certificate of excellence.
2020/2021: 8.0 and certificate of excellence.



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